Giving Back

Field Energy Services is committed to its tradition of giving back to the community and the environment it operates in.

We believe each of our operations – directly or indirectly – impacts our surroundings and the people in our surroundings. Therefore, their support is integral to our growth. And it is our responsibility to create an environment where we help and protect the community and the environment.

Among several CSR initiatives, the most recent initiative Field Energy Services was involved with was ChoirFest Middle East 2014. Where Field Energy Services sponsored choir groups from across the UAE and a special guest choir from Iraq, The Baghdad Choir.

ChoirFest Middle East is a platform that celebrates song, music, and diversity in the Middle East by hosting festivals, public workshops, and competitions that bring small communities together.

ChoirFest Middle East 2014 included 1000 children and 12 choir adults from UAE and Iraq. And was truly a platform dedicated to harmonizing the world one beat at a time.