Basra Mega Projects – Oil, Gas & Environment

Field Energy Services Chairman & CEO, Mr. Ali Agha Jaffar, was recently a keynote speaker at the “Basra Mega Projects – Oil, Gas & Environment" which was held October 9-10, 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey, and was attended by prominent officials from the Government of Iraq and leaders from across the oil and gas industry. Through his speech, Mr. Jaffar presented the value proposition of Field Energy Services and its subsidiaries and showcased the most significant contributions of FES to major energy projects in Basra in specific and Iraq in general. He also expressed his gratitude to the organizers of the conference "CWC Group" for their efforts in developing the oil and gas sector and for being part of the journey to rebuild Iraq.

Founded in 2008, Field Energy Services (FES) is an Iraqi-registered company and a leading oil and gas service provider offering comprehensive, high-value technical, trading, logistical, life support, training, construction and engineering solutions. It is noteworthy that FES was a sponsor of this year’s Basra Mega Projects – Oil, Gas & Environment" held in Istanbul, Turkey. To learn more about FES and its subsidiaries, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..