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As part of its efforts to modernize the industry’s infrastructure, Field Energy Services founded Al Majal Business Park (AMBP) in 2011. AMBP is an exciting new frontier to the development of businesses operating within Iraq’s Oil and Gas industry, comprised of two highly secure business parks located in North Rumaila and Burjessia.


AMBP offers companies a combination of existing and bespoke leasing opportunities, with space available for design and build projects. The Park’s office, warehouse, and residential leasing agreements are aligned to work in concert with business operations and are tailored to meet the needs of large, small, and expanding businesses.

Designed to deliver comfort and convenience to its tenants, the parks are within close proximity to other Oil & Gas companies and key transportation hubs, and include dining and entertainment facilities, fully equipped fitness centers, and around-the-clock security, medical and trauma services

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  • Workshop & Warehousing Solutions
    Workshop & Warehousing Solutions

    AMBP offers fully customizable industrial, manufacturing, and distribution warehouse and workshop spaces and solutions.

  • Al Majal Bean Coffee Shop
    Al Majal Bean Coffee Shop

    Offering tenants freshly brewed coffee and snacks in a relaxed environment.

  • Residential Accommodation
    Residential Accommodation

    Al Majal Business Park has built over 250 elegant and well-maintained guest rooms designed for sleep, work, and comfort.

  • Office Leasing Solutions
    Office Leasing Solutions

    AMBP offers clients flexible tenancy options, individual and shared contemporary office spaces, with security and convenience at the core of all offerings.

  • Fully Equipped Fitness Centers
    Fully Equipped Fitness Centers

    Are stocked with advanced cardiovascular and strength training equipment, giving guests everything they need to allow them to keep up with their fitness routines.

  • Dining & Catering
    Dining & Catering

    AMBP provides its global clientele with a wide spectrum of flavor-rich and nutritious meal options.