Logistics Services

One of the subsidiaries of Field Energy Services is Al Majal Logistics Services (AMLS) which provides comprehensive transportation and logistics solutions for both local and international companies operating in Iraq. The AMLS team is committed to supporting the seamless operations of clients through the safe and timely transport, handling, and storage of equipment and goods. Our client-centric and cost-efficient solutions ensure that valuable time and resources of our clients are focused on their core business activities.

Services Offered:

  • International Freight;

We offer multi-mode international freight forwarding services including air, ocean, and ground with coverage of all five continents that ensures the timely delivery of goods.

  • Warehouse Management;

We provide an array of Third Party Logistics (3PL) solutions that improves on supply chain efficiencies and allows our clients to quickly expand and shrink their required storage capacity without burdening them with higher costs.

  • In-country Transport;

We offer a comprehensive local transportation service, including the collection and delivery of goods, equipment, and personnel.

  • Vehicle & Equipment Rental;

We operate and lease a wide-ranging fleet of vehicles and heavy equipment ready to be deployed as per the unique requirements of our clients while ensuring the proper documentation, licensing, and periodic maintenance checks.

  • Procurement Management;

We manage procurement from the negotiations and contracting stage up until the final delivery and payment in an effort to support clients source high-quality goods and services locally and internationally.


 HSE & Compliance as a Core Value:

We are committed to ensuring that staff, contractors, and clients are provided with a safe and healthy environment. Our HSE Policies are designed and regularly reviewed to address accident prevention, fire protection, health preservation and protection of the environmental. We strictly adhere to national and local regulations and continuously work towards implementing HSE best practices and international standards. Moreover, a top priority at AMLS is to ensure that our team strictly complies with regulations and ethical business conduct across all units and activities.


  • Warehouse Management
    Warehouse Management
  • Vehicle & Equipment Rental
    Vehicle & Equipment Rental
  • International Freight
    International Freight
  • Vehicle & Equipment Rental
    Vehicle & Equipment Rental